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This expansive seven-bedroom lifestyle house has been designed to accommodate the needs and aspirations of a contemporary three-generation family. With its spacious layout and thoughtful architecture, this home is designed to blend it's privacy and togetherness. Each of the seven bedrooms is crafted with bespoke interior to provide comfort and individuality for the family members, while the shared living spaces, including multiple living rooms, dining areas, and recreational zones, foster a sense of unity and connection. This home is designed to recognise the diverse requirements of a multi-generational family, providing seperate living rooms for grandparents, parents, and children to interact and thrive independently. From its functional yet stylish interiors to its inviting outdoor spaces, this house caters to the modern family's desire for harmonious coexistence within a single, splendid abode.

Site area: 6200 sq.m

Building area: 780 sq.m

Completed: 2023

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