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Perched atop a hill, this family home offers a stunning panorama overlooking the serene Tamaki River. It's designed to accommodate a family of four, with a fusion of clean lines and Fengshui principles, with a focus on simplicity and warmth.


From the outside, the house presents a calm and elegant visage, featuring a minimalist white exterior that complements the surrounding landscape while reflecting contemporary architectural aesthetics.


Once inside, the interior welcomes you with a warm embrace, adorned with timber accents. This choice of materials creates an inviting atmosphere, blending modern design with the comfort of natural elements.


The living room takes center stage, characterized by its lofty ceiling. This element not only adds a sense of volume but also provides an airy and open feel to the space. The elevated ceiling expands the visual perspective and ensures the breathtaking view of the Tamaki River is never out of sight.


To enhance outdoor living and leisure with inviting swimming pool and spa area, the outdoor retreat seamlessly blends with the natural landscape, creating a tranquil escape where you can unwind while immersed in the beauty of the Tamaki River.


Throughout the home's design, Fengshui principles have been thoughtfully integrated to promote positive energy flow and harmony. This ensures that the house not only offers stunning aesthetics but also nurtures a sense of balance and well-being for its occupants.

Site area: 997 sq.m

Building area: 680 sq.m

Complete: 2024

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