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Bo’s Dumplings, situated in central Auckland, is a dumpling shop located along a hospitality laneway. Our architectural approach for this establishment aims to authentically mirror the ambiance of a traditional Chinese dumpling house. The chef's workspace have been carefully placed as a central focal point, in close proximity to diners, thereby creating an intimate street-side eatery atmosphere.

In terms of materials, sustainable practices have been observed by incorporating recycled rimu wood for the windows and serving benches. The interior ambiance is enhanced by the application of hand-drawn calligraphy and murals on the walls. Complementary to architectural design, we also undertook branding and menu design to ensure a seamless and immersive experience for patrons. In this compact space, meticulous attention to detail has been maintained, fostering an environment that effectively transports patrons to the streets of China.


Project area: 16 sq.m

Complete: 2019

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