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Nestled within East Auckland on a farm, is a multi-generational family residence. Our aim is to create distinct experiences within each space, each conceived and executed with great care.


Among its notable architectural features, the living room is spansive in height, with roof lifted to capture the morning light. On the other hand, study spaces are thoughtfully housed within stone cave-like structures, cultivating a tranquil and introspective atmosphere.


Around the corner in the living pavilion, the sunken seating room, cantilevered over a body of water and adjacent to a hearth, offering a unique perspective for relaxation. Concealed wardrobes introduce a vibrant chromatic element into the design.


The architectural plan seeks to enbraced the open plan and prioritizes the seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. With a infinity pool that terminate the courtyard, but welcomes in the rolling beautiful landscape beyond. Yu, as an architectural project, boldly expresses a distinctive personality, embracing its unique design elements.

Site area: 1.97 HA

Building area: 450 sq.m

Complete: 2023

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